100% pure cotton yarns, acrylic yarns and polyester blended yarns in counts upto 100s in combed/carded suitable for knitting/weaving in single ply and multifolds too. Can also offer gassed and mercerized yarns for weaving/knitting and sewing threads. Can offer cotton dyed yarn in counts upto 36s in single and double ply.

Some Yarn types

  • Komudu
  • Carded
  • Printing
  • Ligra
  • Polyester Cotton


The process consists of laying warp yarn parallel and sizing the yarn with a mixture to strengthen it to withstand the rigours of weaving. Warp yarn is withdrawn in sheet from from warp beams which are placed at the back of the sizing machine. The yarn is then passed through sow box. Size solution is applied by immersion. After removing surplus solution that occurs at this state, the yarn is dried and arranged on a loom beam.

Some of paavu types

  • Power loom
  • Auto loom


An optimum range of 100% Organic Cotton Grey Fabrics is being offered by us. These are weaved out of qualitative cotton yarns and are highly suitable to wear in the summers. Moreover, these have sweat absorbing qualities and can be easily dyed into any color. These fabrics are worn extensively in India and abroad.

Some of Cloth types

  • Printing
  • Dyeing
  • Semi-Dyeing